Gather the information, map new possibilities.

No more short-term thinking. We take a multidisciplinary approach to create new perspectives on your future.

Futures thinking helps us make better choices now that will benefit our future business and society. There are no certainties about the future; but connecting with the past, present and future gives us agency in a larger context. Futures thinking challenges your team’s mindset that is often rooted in short term thinking.

Curiositas will help you tease out the meaning of signals/curios from the future. What kind of change do these signals represent? What will give the signal momentum? How widely is the signal distributed? Curiositas will lead you and your team through a series of workshops to search for signals, understand the drivers of the signals, turn drivers into forecasts and create decision-making scenarios tailored to your specific question.

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Covid-19 changed the face of the tourism sector forever. While visitor levels are starting to recover in most regions, the pandemic has shifted the...
Domestic and international tourism came to a previously unimagined halt over the last 18 months. As we were all required to stay at home,...
Just a decade ago, if you wanted to watch a movie you either checked out the showtimes at your local cinema or fought with...
This global trend has huge implications for the tourism sector, especially for the management of visitor attractions. All visitor attractions – whether a world-famous...


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Covid-19 Pandemic: Analyzing what political leaders say

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IFR Research Articles 2016

  1. The Rise of Anti-Consumerism and Anti-Fashion
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  5. Gender Fluidity
  6. The Modern Medicis – where culture and commerce meet.
  7. The rise of Location Based Social Experiences
  8. Becoming our best selves: the focus on personal transformation in tourism
  9. Tourism: Switch-off/Burn Out
  10. Tourism: Luxury re-defined as Exclusivity
  11. Is over-crowding the future of tourism?
  12. Travelling without bags – renting clothes on arrival
  13. The Humanization of Pets leads to growth in Pet Products and Services
  14. Tailor Made Retirement for the Post Career Worker.
  15. PA to VA to IVA – From Personal Assistant, to Virtual Assistant to Intelligent Virtual Assistant

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