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Impact of New 7 Wonders of Nature

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IFR Research Articles 2021

Book Reviews

IFR Research Articles 2020

  1. Calculating the real cost of tourism.   
  2. Hans Rosling’s ‘MegaKillers’ and the future role of the United Nations
  3. Building resilience to disinformation
  4. Will cities charge an entrance fee in the future?
  5. Digital Minimalism
  6. Africa’s reliance on travel and tourism for jobs.
  7. The Future of Happiness.
  8. The future of appearance self esteem
  9. The Future of Empathetic Technology “I know how to feels to be you”. 
  10. The future of rage rooms in a time of anger and frustration
  11. Vehicle-to-Grid Technology
  12. Will Conspicuous Leisure  replace conspicuous consumption?
  13. National Doughnut Economy 
  14. The Future of Medical Waste 
  15. Technologies’ influence on the future of the fan experience. 
  16. Anticipatory Nostalgia
  17. Digital Status Symbols
  18. The rise of at home fitness
  19. Sustainable food packaging

IFR Research Articles 2019

  1. The Changing Perceptions in Health and Wellness for South Africa’s urban middle class.
  2. Africa’s future food security.
  3. The Future of Tourism in South Africa
  4. #Getoutdoors
  5. Flygskam – Flight Shame
  6. Digital Twins
  7. Futures Literacy
  8. Educating today’s youth for an unknown future.
  9. Analog is making a comeback.
  10. Using evidence to guide policy in Africa
  11. AgroPiracy

IFR Research Articles 2018

  1. Growth of Muslim Friendly Tourism
  2. Will gift wrap being a thing of the past?
  3. Gardens instead of graveyards
  4. Death Doulas – Helping people face dying.
  5. The Visual Divide. A global explosion in the need for corrective eyewear.
  6. Recreational Drug Tourism
  7. The HyperLocal Tourism Economy
  8. The Re-Commerce Economy
  9. Knowledge Remittances for Africa
  10. Can tourism connect with JOMO – Joy of Missing Out.
  11. WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in Africa.
  12. Will the de-urbanisation trend continue in Zimbabwe?
  13. U = U (Undetectable = Untransmittable)
  14. Period Poverty
  15. Financial wellness index
  16. Loneliness as epidemic
  17. Scanning the Fringe
  18. The Disruption of petrol forecourts

IFR Research Articles 2017

  1. The Backdoor into the Internet of Things
  2. Young adults are making use of their private safety net.
  3. A Cashless vs Less Cash Future
  4. The Changing Role of Shopping Centres
  5. The Future of Cars – in three questions
  6. Is your future self a stranger to you?
  7. Giving Failure the Attention it deserves
  8. Dark Tourism
  9. Curated Decay
  10. Digital Amnesia
  11. Citizenship Industry – the growth of the passport industry.
  12. Becoming Cultural Omnivores.
  13. Reducetarians on the rise

IFR Research Articles 2016

  1. The Rise of Anti-Consumerism and Anti-Fashion
  2. Preparing for the Future of Work – Hybrid Jobs
  3. “Neighbours, not tourists” – The future of short term strangers vs long term neighbours
  4. Food Tourism as Cultural Capital
  5. Gender Fluidity
  6. The Modern Medicis – where culture and commerce meet.
  7. The rise of Location Based Social Experiences
  8. Becoming our best selves: the focus on personal transformation in tourism
  9. Tourism: Switch-off/Burn Out
  10. Tourism: Luxury re-defined as Exclusivity
  11. Is over-crowding the future of tourism?
  12. Travelling without bags – renting clothes on arrival
  13. The Humanization of Pets leads to growth in Pet Products and Services
  14. Tailor Made Retirement for the Post Career Worker.
  15. PA to VA to IVA – From Personal Assistant, to Virtual Assistant to Intelligent Virtual Assistant

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