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7 July 2020

For more information on the Curiositas New7Wonders Report, please contact  or visit

For more information on New7Wonders, please contact, or visit

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International research report shows impact New7Wonders has on tourism growth worldwide including South Africa.

International research report shows impact New7Wonders has on tourism growth worldwide including South Africa.

The Curiositas New7Wonders Report for 2020, commissioned by the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway Company (TMACC,) highlights the significance of the Wonder status of Table Mountain as the tourism sector prepares to reopen.

The worldwide study, undertaken by the independent futures-thinking travel and attractions consultancy, Curiositas, highlights the unique influence and position of the New7Wonders tourist destinations chosen in the global 600 million vote.

The research analysis covers the New7Wonders of the World and the New7Wonders of Nature, in 14 locations from countries representing more than 50% of the world’s population. These Wonders reflect a notable competitive edge when compared to standard tourist destinations, growing twice as fast on average, and are instrumental to leading tourism recovery post Covid-19. 

Sabine Lehmann, Founder of Cape Town based Curiositas, says that the report analysed quantitative and qualitative data from all the New 7 Wonders across the world, from Machu Picchu in the West all the way to the Great Wall of China in the East, as well as our African Wonder, Table Mountain.

“The numbers are clear: being voted as a New7Wonder (especially those that actively promote this status) has resulted in a positive impact for tourism and related economic benefits on average twice as strong as the rest of tourism growth in the world,” adds Lehmann. 

She explains that this is without a doubt an asset to be exploited intelligently as part of future tourism growth strategies.

The New7Wonders concept began in 2000 as a millennium project. An online voting campaign was run whereby, for the first time, people from around the world could nominate a set of natural or manmade wonders of the world. To date, over 600 million votes have been cast and the New7Wonders have created significant economic, social, educational and tourism value for their regions.

According to Wahida Parker, Managing Director of TMACC, the results of the report reinforce and validate the great achievement of South Africans and our international visitors of Table Mountain, when they campaigned to have our mountain chosen as one of the New7Wonders of Nature. “This gives us the resolve to make sure that Table Mountain is at the centre of our commitment to grow tourism beyond Covid-19. We are proud of how this will continue to bring success to the tourism industry as a whole.”

Enver Duminy, CEO of  Cape Town Tourism, shared these sentiments. “This makes us feel as proud as we were when Table Mountain was chosen as a New 7 Wonder.

“Cape Town is the only city in the world with a Wonder blessing, overlooking the city centre as our Intaba Yetafile does,” he explains. “We are certain that Table Mountain will succeed in attracting visitors near and far to our incredible City once again.”

Expressing excitement on the findings of the report, Sisa Ntshona, CEO of South Africa Tourism, says that research is very important for the nation at this time. “It gives us guidance and ideas on some of the things we can do to bring back South Africa to not only its previous tourism achievements, but to also reach new heights. Africa has only two Wonders, the only surviving Ancient 7 Wonder, the Pyramids of Giza, and the voted New7Wonder of Nature, our very own Table Mountain – an icon of pride for the entire continent!”

The findings of the report clearly show that being a New7Wonder is a differentiator that is able to capture the attention and interest of travellers, which can then be converted into tourism arrivals.

Jean-Paul de la Fuente, Director of the New7Wonders Foundation, the official global authority under whose aegis all the Wonders are voted, says, “This research report arrives at the most optimum time for the world, precisely when we need facts and figures to show us what to do next, what to believe in, where to see hope and opportunity. The New7Wonders are one of the planet’s biggest movements, over 600 million votes, and this study shows their true value, now and forever as part of global memory.”

About the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway Company:

Table Mountain Aerial Cableway Company (TMACC) has been providing visitors with a world-class experience since October 4, 1929. The company operates in a National Park and World Heritage Site. The mountain’s magnetism has a way of drawing people in, compelling them to reach the summit. But getting to the top was not always the effortless trip it is today. For more information, visit

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, TMACC will be closed to all visitors and will remain closed until greater clarity is given on the management and containment of the virus by the President and international health bodies, such as the World Health Organisation.