Covid-19: Home is the new hangout

In 1981, Faith Popcorn, dubbed the Nostradamus of Marketing by Fortune magazine, coined the term “cocooning”, defining it as “the need to protect oneself from the harsh, unpredictable realities of the world outside”. During the 1990s, celebrity home maker Martha Stewart referred to “nesting” as the next social megatrend. Both social megatrends were highlighted before […]

Yold specialist, director of fun: 10 new jobs we could see in the next 10 years

This global trend has huge implications for the tourism sector, especially for the management of visitor attractions. All visitor attractions – whether a world-famous tourist destination, a museum, an amusement park or a local shopping mall – are people-centric and stand to benefit from re-assessing the visitor experience that they offer. Accordingly, attractions need to […]

5 Numbers every attraction manager should be on top of

These five numbers can be indicators of the health and success of your attraction. As an attraction manager it should be as natural as breathing to review these numbers and know what changes big and small mean. 1. Visitor Numbers Admittedly, visitor numbers are not the only nor even the most important metric to follow, […]

The woman, the art, and the science behind Cape Town’s tourist attractions

She probably has an accurate idea of what you ordered in the restaurant or where you posed for that selfie. Lehmann has a unique understanding of the consumer’s experience of an attraction. “My passion is attractions management,” she says. “I believe in the incredible power of attractions – they are the number one reason why […]