When we do leave home, entertainment will look very different

Just a decade ago, if you wanted to watch a movie you either checked out the showtimes at your local cinema or fought with your family over what programme to watch, before securing yourself a prime spot on the couch. You had to change your own schedule to match that of the programme available. An […]

Yold specialist, director of fun: 10 new jobs we could see in the next 10 years

This global trend has huge implications for the tourism sector, especially for the management of visitor attractions. All visitor attractions – whether a world-famous tourist destination, a museum, an amusement park or a local shopping mall – are people-centric and stand to benefit from re-assessing the visitor experience that they offer. Accordingly, attractions need to […]

Three social megatrends that are shaping the future of tourism

In his State of the Nation Address in June this year, President Ramaphosa outlined a bold aim to increase South Africa’s economic growth through tourism, stating “we will make good on our ambition to more than double international tourist arrivals to 21 million by 2030.” Globally, tourism is on the rise and peak tourism demand […]